Under The Sea

Dangerous sea creatures, Mermaids and Pirates have roamed these waters for centuries. An evil sea creature, only known as Bursla has trapped you under the water. You and your team have one hour of air remaining in your dive tank. Will you escape to the surface? Will the team run out of air and become fish food?

Bootlegger Warehouse

For our one year anniversary we are bringing back the Bootlegger Warehouse for a limited time. After it's done with it's run we will bring it back as a sequel to the original story. You and your team of detective friends have stumbled upon an old Bootlegging warehouse that was hidden from the world since 1930. The Bootlegger was trapped in the same way he kept the warehouse hidden, did he die with his secret? Now your team is trapped, can you escape before time runs out?

Real Escape Bakersfield

is a physical adventure game or escape room
in which you and others are locked in a themed immersive room where you have to use elements of the room to solve  a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within 1 hour!


Best Family Escape Room in Bakersfield!

"Wonderland was GREAT! We took our kids, this room was challenging enough but also fun for the kids to figure out. Our kids ranged from 10-14. They managed to work as a team. Well worth it!! "

-Annie Ray

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