Bird’s Movie Zone

Remember going to the Video Store to rent a movie? Could you imagine being stuck in a video store during an alien invasion? Fear… Nostalgia… Strategy… Aliens… 

This is a two part room, first you watch the short film, then you come in and finish the story in our escape room. We have teamed up with Rickey Bird and Hectic Films to give you… Birds Movie Zone!

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The short film: The Video Store

The famous Bakersfield Clock Tower is smoking. A UFO has crashed into the side of the clock. Smoke billows out from the flashing space 

craft and bricks fall from its walls. Mike Hart reports live in front of the scene. UFO’s blaze over head consuming the sky with flashing lights and tractor beams. Even letters from the Bakersfield sign float into the flying saucers. FBI Agent Elliot runs towards the lonely video store grasping tightly onto a smoking briefcase… Whether you learn his fate or not, depends on you…

The Escape Room: Bird’s Movie Zone

It’s 1997 and you are stuck in a video store during the Alien invasion above. Fear… Nostalgia… Strategy… Aliens…  You are the “visitors” (aka the people stuck in the store) you have 1 hour to find the store key and escape……. If only it was that simple. Can you escape in time?

There are two options to the film.

First you may click the link below which will take you to Vimeo where you can purchase a 4k, Hi-Res version of the short film. This is your copy to keep and you will have access to any further content such as behind the scenes specials that are posted in the future. Cost of this film is $5.50

Option two is a gamble! If you get out of the room successfully we will provide you with a link to a one-time use, low res copy of the movie. 

This room averages a 30-35% pass rate, the choice is completely yours. 

If you would like to purchase the short film before you do the room, you can click here

Time: 60 Minutes

Players: 2-8 *We recommend at least 4 players*

Lighting: Normal

PRP: 46%

Difficulty Level:

Please contact a member of our staff if you have any questions.

Paint & Escape available $50 per player

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