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Our room capacities are listed below.  If you do not book the room to capacity, other people may join your game.
Bayou Mystery: 2-8 Players   
                  Under The Sea: 2-6 Players                     
Bomb Shelter: 2-8 Players (You will be split into two rooms)
    • If there are fewer spots available than listed above, you will be joining an existing group that has already booked.
    • If you do not want to be joined by others please book the maximum spots.
    • If you will have children under the age of 13 playing, we ask that you have an adult in the room.
    • Everyone must sign a waiver before the game starts.
  • Anyone under 18 must have an adult present to sign the waiver.
  • If you have children under 6 attending they are free. You must contact a member of our staff, if you pay for their ticket there will be no refund!
  • If you or anyone in your group are color blind, night blind, have issues with flashing lights, have trouble reading or use a wheelchair/walker… PLEASE INFORM A MEMBER OF OUR STAFF so we can make sure your experience is enjoyed by everyone in your party.

New Event!!! Do an escape room and then paint a beautiful painting. $40 each person for this event. You can also book a private event for this, please contact a member of our staff for details.


Valentine’s Day special for February 14th through the 17th.

$30 per couple for Under the Sea & Bayou Mystery
$40 per couple for Bomb Shelter

You must have 2 people booked minimum to use this special! Special good only in increments of 2 people! This special must be booked through us. You can call, email, message us on Facebook or visit us inside.
**Special not valid by booking on the website**


Phone: 661-381-1301