We are following all CDC and State guidelines. Here are a few changes we have made:
  • Everyone must wear a mask to enter the building This is required for us to be open and we will enforce it.
  • We are operating on an appointment only system. This means that you must make an appointment to come into the building. You can do so online, email or calling during business hours.
  • If you are experiencing any symptoms don’t enter the building. Call us at 661-381-1301 to reschedule
  • Every experience is private. Only you and your household will be in the room.
  • When you show up, if a group is in the lobby please wait outside.
  • Please fill out our waiver for your entire group before you arrive (we will also have a QR code available in our lobby)
  • We will have hand sanitizer in each room and the lobby. We will have gloves available upon request.
We appreciate your help with complying to these new guidelines during this time. You can find a list of all guidelines Here.
Current available appointment hours:
Friday – 4:00pm – 11:30pm
Saturday – 1:00pm – 10:30pm
Sunday – 1:00pm – 7:00pm
  • If you will have children under the age of 13 playing, we ask that you have an adult in the room.
  • Everyone must sign a waiver before the game starts.
  • Anyone under 18 must have an adult present to sign the waiver.
  • If you have children under 6 attending they are free. You must contact a member of our staff, if you pay for their ticket there will be no refund!
  • If you or anyone in your group are color blind, night blind, have issues with flashing lights, have trouble reading or use a wheelchair/walker… PLEASE INFORM A MEMBER OF OUR STAFF so we can make sure your experience is enjoyed by everyone in your party.



Building Real Escape


Former Owners Chris Bell (left) Erick Main (Right) November 2015 at our first test room at Bakersfield Comic-con.

Former Owners (from left to right) Jason Stambook, Chris Bell, Erick Main, Jeremy Neal and Desmond Blackstone


First Paint & Escape

May 20, 2018


Bird’s Movie Zone BTS